• Our Mission

    Sahara Oasis Massage is your oasis from everything. We offer a spacious and intimate environment for Swedish, Thai, traditional Chinese massages, as well as back walking with the bars. Our trained staff performs the practical application of wellness through personal, acupressure relaxation, as well as provides individual techniques for chronic or acute conditions. Learn how to reduce every day stress and anxiety. Move forward in achieving a healthy mind and body. Treat yourself and soothe tired muscles with an massage experience tailored to you

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    An Exquisite Experience


    Skilled in an assortment of Massage Styles around the world

    Our therapists are skilled in an assortment of pressures and styles so you can have an experienced tailored for your specific body. Ranging from Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu your skin will be glowing and rejuvenating as your muscles thank you for treating yourself to a massage here at Sahara Oasis Spa. Sahara Oasis is your Oasis into relaxation and comfort. Treat yourself to one of our massages now. 

    Back Walking

    Walk away tight muscles

    Careful to put the exact pressure needed in every area of your body, back walking is very effective in relieving tight muscles and stress.


    Our Essential Oils

    Our luxurious essential oils relax and calm the mind while making your skin wonderfully smooth.

    Table Shower Treatment

    Exfoliating Full Body Scrub

    Reveal your soft beautiful skin with our Table shower treatment as we rinse away dead skin cells. Originating in France, it consists of a wet treatment table and five head shower system. Imagine lying down and having warm water wash away all the stresses of life.

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  • deep tissue

    Deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of muscles, fascia and connective tissues making it very effective for relieving chronic muscle tension. The therapist uses friction and deep pressure to break down tight muscles, helping to alleviate pain and restore range of motion.




    Full-body treatment that involves passive yoga like stretching and pressure-point massage along the body's major energy channels to release blocked energy, relieve tension, align the skeletal structure and increase flexibility. This is traditionally done on the floor with the client wearing loose clothing


    Our Masseuses also specialize in walking back massages with the bars




    A Japanese form of rigorous massage that uses fingers to apply pressure to points along the body's energy pathways (meridians) in order to stimulate physical relaxation and reduce stress.


    Combo massage is a unique combination of both Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Clients can enjoy both the therapeutic benefits of rebalancing and the flow of Chi energy. Combo is also known to improve blood and lymph circulation

    Table shower

    You'll rest comfortably on a cushioned table as your therapist applies a rich scrub and feel the relaxing sensation of the flow of the water as dead skin cells are exfoliated and your body is rinsed with warm, soothing water.


    Come out with softer glowing skin from all our massages as your lymphatic pathways are stimulated and exercised.

  • Our Mission

    Move forward in achieving a healthy mind and body.Treat yourself and soothe your tired muscles with an Asian massage experience tailored to you

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